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How I became a cuckold, sub, slave

 A lot of people have asked me how I got started in the lifestyle…. Here is the beginning.
I was going crazy thinking about my GF, Betty, making love to another man…. I knew that I really wanted the voyeuristic excitement and enjoyed the thoughts of her getting carried away with another man... I wanted desperately to watch a well hung Stud lay some heavy pipe and overwhelm my GF with multiple orgasms. She was very capable of multiple orgasms and enjoyed sex with “little me” very, very much!

I really want her to make it with another Man, to be attracted to Him, drawn to Him, overwhelmed with sexual desire and drive but I don’t want to have the competition either! I want to be in her life but want to see her sexually manipulated by one or even more than one Man.... I wasn’t sure how to make it happen... I know that if I just brought it up and asked her to do it she would turn me down flat and think me weird.... so I started to introduce a little make believe in our love making..... I suggested little by little about how exciting it would be to watch Her with another Man.... I talked her into it! Not all at once of course… but after a while of fantasizing and talking to her about it, I got her to think about “just” making out with another Guy, as I watched, and then after he left we'd make love!

It all started innocently enough, I have always been somewhat of a voyeur and my GF is definitely attractive! I would love to see her make love to someone else… Well, maybe not make love to someone else, but to get fucked by someone else! But then there was always this danger sign that suddenly appeared! I wasn't sure what "HER" reaction would be! I wasn't sure whether She would prefer Him over me! I wasn't sure that She would have any use for me after I pushed her into that! I wasn't sure that she would consider me an acceptable partner after that! I wasn't sure that she would be totally turned off and not only lose her attraction to me, but be repulsed!

I told her one night that I wanted to see her get picked up, come back to our apartment and make out with some guy and maybe go all the way. She was very reluctant to get involved… but I pressed on and she relented. We lived in Santa Clara, so I drove her down El Camino Real…. About a mile and a half and told her to walk home in the dark…. I was expecting someone to stop and offer her a ride… but no one did! When she got back home she acted a little bit relieved that she had been able to get there without being picked up. We talked about it when we made love later on… and she was excited beyond excitement! She was not only wetter than she had ever been before, but she was more enthusiastic than ever before in that she was more talkative and more imaginative!
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