Greg and Sheryl (greg69sheryl) wrote in cuckolds,
Greg and Sheryl

Speak to Sucky Wanda

The same reader who asked us about Chicago Sue the other day also asked us about the whereabouts of Wanda, whom he described as a Florida wife who wore an eye patch and fucked black men. After conducting a little research, it turned out that we were already members of Sucky Wanda's Forums, a community of cuckold husbands and slut wives involved in the swinging lifestyle. Wanda is highly active on her own forum, which has more than 13,000 members.

Interracial cuckolding is the main theme of the community, but all legal topics are allowed, and members are encouraged to post photos, videos and links to relevant websites. Wanda was generous enough to add our blog to her list of allowed sites for using EZ Upload, so our readers can post our content to her forum without having to hotlink that content. This is a terrific opportunity to expand our audience, so we hope to be working with Wanda quite a bit in the future.

Sucky Wanda enjoys the taste of a big black cock.

Sucky wanda enjoys a deep fucking from a well-hung black man.
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