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GF goes Black

 My GF Melissa is a freak! I've been with her for a number of years and this story takes place in 2005.  She works at a dentist office and gets big bucks. She loves sex. Her freaky side always comes into play where ever she goes. She told me she got the job after sleeping with the head dentist... and I believe she did that and maybe more.  Melissa did it for the $$$ Can you blame her? Everytime we take trips, guys grab her ass or approach her. She just pushes them away. Freak or not Melissa just loves sex.

Oh Melissa.  How much I loved to fuck you.  I promise to share her. She feels guilty until you get a few shots of vodka into her then she'll fuck the first cock or pussy she see's. Melissa loves anything & everything to do with sex.

Me and Melissa have had some crazy sex stories. The story I love to tell is "My Brother's Wedding." My brother Steve got married to this hot blonde chick from Russia. After the church business there was a huge party in a hotel. Beds, party favors, all sorts of stuff. There was a lot of people and a lot of fun action. Melissa of course would feel the action soon enough.

The clock read 12:05AM. The party kind of dyed off. People were hooking up or asleep. Melissa wasn't.  She was horny and drunk. I walked into our hotel room and shut the door. Melissa unzipped my pants and sucked on my cock. She blew the cum right out of my mushroom tip. She kept licking and biting my shaft. Melissa loved every inch of my cock. Melissa felt her wet pussy up the same time. She kept deepthroating my cock, but this time did not finish me off.  Told me I had to wait.  Told me to find a Man to entertain her.

It was 12:45AM. I called up a friend I knew in town.... "Izzy" A tall black bro. I told him what room I was in. I told him to bring a friend. I told him Melissa wanted to say hi to him. He got excited.

Knock Knock, Izzy walks in. I step outside with him for a second. I told Izzy he could have sex with my GF if I can record it so I can jack off later to it. Izzy agreed. He got excited.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple of condoms. I open the hotel door. I walk in and Izzy follows. Melissa was dressed in a baby blue satin skirt, nice dark stockings, a white latex blouse with buttons for easy access, She looked very sexy and erotic, but didn't really act any different, she was just drunk.

Izzy came over to Melissa. He then took his shirt off, sat down on the bed where Melissa was lying down on. I turned my camera on to record. I walked out, to another room with a small tv taping the action with Melissa. I left Izzy to Melissa. Melissa never had a interracial hardcore fuck before. Shes only fucked five guys in her life.

There is a knock on the door and another black man comes inside... he said Izzy sent him.  Said his name was Leroy.  I point to the room they are in.  I head over to get a digital camera to get more pics.

Melissa takes off her white latex blouse, throws it to te ground. A pink bra holds up her huge tits. Izzy touches both tits. He feels Melissa's huge melons in his hand. Izzy removes his boxers. He's naked with a huge hard on. Melissa laughs alittle as Izzy licks her nipples. Melissa gets wet. She turns around and lets Izzy feel her huge ass. He squeezes her cheeks and rubs his rock hard cock on her ass. Melissa slips off her baby blue satin skirt. She takes off her bra, stockings and pink latex thong. Melissa pushes Izzy back on the bed. She kisses him and grabs a hold of his his black member! Melissa never fucked a black guy but there is always a first. Melissa put Izzy's huge black cock inside her mouth. She started to blow the shit out of his huge cock! He moaned as Melissa went crazy going up and down his cock. She loved it! She deepthroated all 12 inches and made her choke. He pulled his cock out of her mouth as she talked dirty.  Spit was all in and around Melissa's mouth and Izzy's huge cock. Izzy rammed his black member down Melissa's throat a few more times.

I walk in with the video camera. I sit down in a chair and watch my gf Melissa get fucked! Melissa throws her legs up in the air. She's so hot. Leroy is fingering her pussy and sucking her breasts.  I got the biggest hard on watching her. Izzy gets a condom. He puts the condom on his cock. It's too small, Melissa doesn't care as she spreads for Izzy's huge cock. He sticks the tip of his black member inside Melissa's wet pussy. She screams! The size is so big! Melissa works it as Izzy drills Melissa's pussy with his huge monster cock. She rides it long as Izzy moans.  Leroy is now positioned by her head to have her swallow his Meat.  Melissa rides every inch of Izzy's cock and sucks the huge rod coming at her face. Izzy starts to finger Melissa's asshole. She starts to go numb! She loves it. One finger, then two fingers! Melissa was a pro!

I kept filming. Melissa got up and bent over in front of me. Leroy fingered her pussy. Then she spread her buttcheeks in front of Leroy's cock. He put a condom on and then drilled Melissa doggie style! She took it deep! Melissa is such a dirty whore! She loves the cock deep inside her. Leroy keeps pushing grabbing her ass and squeezing it. He moans again, still fucking her. Leroy pulls out, Melissa moans loud. She talks dirty like a cheap stripper.  Melissa spreads her ass cheeks as Leroy inserts his huge black member inside Melissa's asshole. No Condom! She loved it! The vein in his cock gets big as Leroy rails Melissa's tight asshole. She's never done anal before let alone fuck some big black guy! She screams as her eyes roll in the back of her head. Melissa loves every second of it.  Hot hardcore interracial sex is what Melissa is enjoying.  My cock was as hard as a rock. Leroy pulled out and shot a huge load of man juice down Melissa's throat. She took it massive cock in her mouth.

Izzy deepthoarted her a  couple of times. Melissa took it like a slut and ate his mandingo up. Melissa was so horny she started to finger her creamy cunt. Izzy pulled out and slapped his cock around her face. Melissa swallowed his warm load as she licked his cock some more. Izzy and Leroy left in a hurry and shut the door.

I was so horny I pulled my pants down to fuck Melissa! Her pussy was so fresh and nice. She laughed and told me to watch the action on the video I just took and stroke off to that.  Since I left all the cables in the car, and did not feel like going out in the cold to get them, I relived the experience  by watching the action on the small screen that is part of the camera.  Came all over myself and went to bed.  
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