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Watching an X play is such a turn on

 Since I was in the 'dog house' my GirlFriend at the time wanted to punish me and make me watch Her play with other Men... the only way to do that was to go to a swing party... so off we went.  We have been to them before.. but usually we just play with one other couple... this time She wanted to play and I could not.  She wanted to humiliate me in front of the Other Men & Ladies there.  Show how much Bigger the Men are and how much Cum they can produce.  So, while I was paying for myself... (she was free)... I entered.. and by then she had told a few close friends what our agreement was.. and once word got out.. she was always surrounded by hot men and I was off in the corner watching the TV show a bad porn movie.

She and a few guys went to another room to get comfortable... i.e. away from me.  But in a few min I got a text msg from Her cell phone... it was one of the guys saying that she wanted me to join them... I later found out that I was not going to join them so much as listen to the Men talk about how hot She is and allow me to take a few pics to masterbate to later.

Going to a swing party

The men helped her out of her clothes... not that she had worn that many to begin with... and started to take out their dicks to show her what a good time she was going to have.  So much hard cock.. right at her finger tips... and she wasted no time to enjoy the show.. and make sure I knew she was enjoying the experience ... at my expense... but telling me how hard the Men were and how wet she was getting... .

wasting no time

She wasted no time to get up close and personal with some Men.


And did what she did best... give Blow Jobs.  The Men knew that I was taking pics and later, at home, could cum masterbate to them and cum... but for now.. it is they who will get the pleasure... The guy did the talking when her mouth was stuffed with cock.. telling me how good she was.. how talented her lips and fingers are... boy did I remember that... sighs... soon word got out to the other people at the swing party and there were more people entering the room.. or hanging out by the door.. just stroking their dick and watching the action... telling me how how she is.. and what a good sub I was for brining her to the party...
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