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Below are the 19 most recent journal entries recorded in sex with other men's wives / girlfriends' LiveJournal:

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Thursday, May 29th, 2014
8:11 am
'I Cheated And It Turned My Husband On' - article

"I feel like the luckiest woman in the history of the world. I cheated. I got my rocks off with some guy. It was fun and exciting and bad and naughty and did I mention exciting? But I didn't want to leave my husband. I just wanted some fling. Something to satisfy these intense sexual urges I was having and wasn't getting fulfilled at home. I acted on it, told my husband, and he not only forgave me but wanted to know details. It turned him on."


Wednesday, July 24th, 2013
11:43 am
Sunday, January 13th, 2013
4:39 pm
Free MP3 Audio! Listen and the vote for Goddess!

Such lucky boys you are… to hear this brief snippet, this quick tease all because of a fun contest hosted by MPS.

- Has it been awhile since you’ve heard my beautiful voice?

- Have you been trying desperately to stay away from Goddess yet still feel my PULL?

- Do you simply enjoy making me smile from afar?

- Are you a cheap bastard who knows he should work harder for my gain?

If any of the above apply,  go here immediately to listen then vote. You can vote daily from one IP only.

Do make sure to let me know when you did so as I will give you a special link to use going forward to keep tabs on your eagerness. The boy who votes the most successfully will get a special treat.

If you haven't added my public twitter yet... Let's fix that - Follow Mz Devon on Twitter

Devotional Musings - Slave Blogs and Podcasts

Friday, October 5th, 2012
7:19 pm
NY Times article on the cuckoldry fetish

NY Times article on the cuckoldry fetish. Thought it was pretty cool to see such a usually 'taboo' fetish be at such a news source.

"Yet one night this summer when my husband was out of town, a male friend stopped by for a drink. After our second drink, I kissed him. He started to kiss me back, and then stopped."

'“We shouldn’t do this,” he said. “I should leave.” After a few ambivalent minutes, he made his way to the door. He knows and likes my husband, and was afraid, he said, that if things went any further he wouldn’t be able to look him in the eye.

The strange thing, though, is that my husband would not have objected.'

You May Call It Cheating, but We Don’t

Monday, September 10th, 2012
11:22 am
Minority Affairs: Intense Interracial Erotica
Minority Affairs

The intensity, ingenuity, and boldness of Minority Affairs is sure to leave you a changed person. Never before have you read such a unique examination of race and sexuality; never again will you be able to look at erotic stories of black and white lovers quite the same way. Complex stories of love and romance, extreme stories of domination and submission, alternative stories that push the boundaries of gender and identity, and BREATHTAKING IMAGES all fill the pages of this groundbreaking book.

You’ll find stories that frighten your sensibilities, characters you love, characters you know, and sex that leaves you breathless. You’ll ache for Charles as he agonizes in his quest to replicate the true slave experience and you’ll cheer for Kevin as he woos the heart of an artist and an equal. Kamal will teach you about the true strength and character of Black men and you’ll witness the transformation of Olutuunde to a Goddess before your very eyes. You’ll swear that you’ve experienced the smells, sights, and sounds of each story in vivid technicolor detail, in the exact same ways the characters did. Minority Affairs is a book you will want to read, and read again, it’s one you will be afraid to talk about with others, and it will inform your choices, perceptions, and fantasies.
Friday, October 21st, 2011
4:10 pm
Friday, October 14th, 2011
11:35 am
Cuckold vids, phone & webcam sessions
Just letting all you cucks know... me and my man make videos, do webcam together and phone calls. We're always looking for cuck slaves!

Sunday, September 11th, 2011
1:42 am
Monday, July 18th, 2011
8:53 pm
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
1:42 pm
If it is not consensual, watch out (news article)
"A cuckolded husband has been cleared of harassing his wife's millionaire lover from west Sussex over the internet."

Monday, May 30th, 2011
5:36 am
Time magazine online article on what gets people off in porn
Cuckoldry is a very mainstream thing people are 'into', according to the article.

"Why are cheating wives so popular? You'd expect that would not be something men would like to think about.

It's one of the top interests all around the world. Men are wired to be sexually jealous. And, certainly, men can fly into murderous rages, but simultaneously they're also sexually aroused.

This is an example of what biologists call a sperm competition cue. Across the animal kingdom, when males see other males mating, it tends to provoke arousal. If he is going to compete with the other male, he has to produce more sperm

Human men also respond like this, if a man sees a woman — including his partner — with another man, he becomes more aroused."


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Friday, January 14th, 2011
10:31 am
Nice youtube video on Cuckolding

Watched a great JinxyPie video on cuckolding. Hope folks enjoy it as much as I did.

Cuckoldress Jinxypie gives advice to the guys that want their woman to cuckold them
Monday, December 6th, 2010
12:41 am
GF goes Black
 My GF Melissa is a freak! I've been with her for a number of years and this story takes place in 2005.  She works at a dentist office and gets big bucks. She loves sex. Her freaky side always comes into play where ever she goes. She told me she got the job after sleeping with the head dentist... and I believe she did that and maybe more.  Melissa did it for the $$$ Can you blame her? Everytime we take trips, guys grab her ass or approach her. She just pushes them away. Freak or not Melissa just loves sex.

Oh Melissa.  How much I loved to fuck you.  I promise to share her. She feels guilty until you get a few shots of vodka into her then she'll fuck the first cock or pussy she see's. Melissa loves anything & everything to do with sex.

Me and Melissa have had some crazy sex stories. The story I love to tell is "My Brother's Wedding." My brother Steve got married to this hot blonde chick from Russia. After the church business there was a huge party in a hotel. Beds, party favors, all sorts of stuff. There was a lot of people and a lot of fun action. Melissa of course would feel the action soon enough.

The clock read 12:05AM. The party kind of dyed off. People were hooking up or asleep. Melissa wasn't.  She was horny and drunk. I walked into our hotel room and shut the door. Melissa unzipped my pants and sucked on my cock. She blew the cum right out of my mushroom tip. She kept licking and biting my shaft. Melissa loved every inch of my cock. Melissa felt her wet pussy up the same time. She kept deepthroating my cock, but this time did not finish me off.  Told me I had to wait.  Told me to find a Man to entertain her.

It was 12:45AM. I called up a friend I knew in town.... "Izzy" A tall black bro. I told him what room I was in. I told him to bring a friend. I told him Melissa wanted to say hi to him. He got excited.

Knock Knock, Izzy walks in. I step outside with him for a second. I told Izzy he could have sex with my GF if I can record it so I can jack off later to it. Izzy agreed. He got excited.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple of condoms. I open the hotel door. I walk in and Izzy follows. Melissa was dressed in a baby blue satin skirt, nice dark stockings, a white latex blouse with buttons for easy access, She looked very sexy and erotic, but didn't really act any different, she was just drunk.

Izzy came over to Melissa. He then took his shirt off, sat down on the bed where Melissa was lying down on. I turned my camera on to record. I walked out, to another room with a small tv taping the action with Melissa. I left Izzy to Melissa. Melissa never had a interracial hardcore fuck before. Shes only fucked five guys in her life.

There is a knock on the door and another black man comes inside... he said Izzy sent him.  Said his name was Leroy.  I point to the room they are in.  I head over to get a digital camera to get more pics.

Melissa takes off her white latex blouse, throws it to te ground. A pink bra holds up her huge tits. Izzy touches both tits. He feels Melissa's huge melons in his hand. Izzy removes his boxers. He's naked with a huge hard on. Melissa laughs alittle as Izzy licks her nipples. Melissa gets wet. She turns around and lets Izzy feel her huge ass. He squeezes her cheeks and rubs his rock hard cock on her ass. Melissa slips off her baby blue satin skirt. She takes off her bra, stockings and pink latex thong. Melissa pushes Izzy back on the bed. She kisses him and grabs a hold of his his black member! Melissa never fucked a black guy but there is always a first. Melissa put Izzy's huge black cock inside her mouth. She started to blow the shit out of his huge cock! He moaned as Melissa went crazy going up and down his cock. She loved it! She deepthroated all 12 inches and made her choke. He pulled his cock out of her mouth as she talked dirty.  Spit was all in and around Melissa's mouth and Izzy's huge cock. Izzy rammed his black member down Melissa's throat a few more times.

I walk in with the video camera. I sit down in a chair and watch my gf Melissa get fucked! Melissa throws her legs up in the air. She's so hot. Leroy is fingering her pussy and sucking her breasts.  I got the biggest hard on watching her. Izzy gets a condom. He puts the condom on his cock. It's too small, Melissa doesn't care as she spreads for Izzy's huge cock. He sticks the tip of his black member inside Melissa's wet pussy. She screams! The size is so big! Melissa works it as Izzy drills Melissa's pussy with his huge monster cock. She rides it long as Izzy moans.  Leroy is now positioned by her head to have her swallow his Meat.  Melissa rides every inch of Izzy's cock and sucks the huge rod coming at her face. Izzy starts to finger Melissa's asshole. She starts to go numb! She loves it. One finger, then two fingers! Melissa was a pro!

I kept filming. Melissa got up and bent over in front of me. Leroy fingered her pussy. Then she spread her buttcheeks in front of Leroy's cock. He put a condom on and then drilled Melissa doggie style! She took it deep! Melissa is such a dirty whore! She loves the cock deep inside her. Leroy keeps pushing grabbing her ass and squeezing it. He moans again, still fucking her. Leroy pulls out, Melissa moans loud. She talks dirty like a cheap stripper.  Melissa spreads her ass cheeks as Leroy inserts his huge black member inside Melissa's asshole. No Condom! She loved it! The vein in his cock gets big as Leroy rails Melissa's tight asshole. She's never done anal before let alone fuck some big black guy! She screams as her eyes roll in the back of her head. Melissa loves every second of it.  Hot hardcore interracial sex is what Melissa is enjoying.  My cock was as hard as a rock. Leroy pulled out and shot a huge load of man juice down Melissa's throat. She took it massive cock in her mouth.

Izzy deepthoarted her a  couple of times. Melissa took it like a slut and ate his mandingo up. Melissa was so horny she started to finger her creamy cunt. Izzy pulled out and slapped his cock around her face. Melissa swallowed his warm load as she licked his cock some more. Izzy and Leroy left in a hurry and shut the door.

I was so horny I pulled my pants down to fuck Melissa! Her pussy was so fresh and nice. She laughed and told me to watch the action on the video I just took and stroke off to that.  Since I left all the cables in the car, and did not feel like going out in the cold to get them, I relived the experience  by watching the action on the small screen that is part of the camera.  Came all over myself and went to bed.  

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Thursday, December 2nd, 2010
10:19 am
Watching an X play is such a turn on
 Since I was in the 'dog house' my GirlFriend at the time wanted to punish me and make me watch Her play with other Men... the only way to do that was to go to a swing party... so off we went.  We have been to them before.. but usually we just play with one other couple... this time She wanted to play and I could not.  She wanted to humiliate me in front of the Other Men & Ladies there.  Show how much Bigger the Men are and how much Cum they can produce.  So, while I was paying for myself... (she was free)... I entered.. and by then she had told a few close friends what our agreement was.. and once word got out.. she was always surrounded by hot men and I was off in the corner watching the TV show a bad porn movie.

She and a few guys went to another room to get comfortable... i.e. away from me.  But in a few min I got a text msg from Her cell phone... it was one of the guys saying that she wanted me to join them... I later found out that I was not going to join them so much as listen to the Men talk about how hot She is and allow me to take a few pics to masterbate to later.

Going to a swing party

The men helped her out of her clothes... not that she had worn that many to begin with... and started to take out their dicks to show her what a good time she was going to have.  So much hard cock.. right at her finger tips... and she wasted no time to enjoy the show.. and make sure I knew she was enjoying the experience ... at my expense... but telling me how hard the Men were and how wet she was getting... .

wasting no time

She wasted no time to get up close and personal with some Men.


And did what she did best... give Blow Jobs.  The Men knew that I was taking pics and later, at home, could cum masterbate to them and cum... but for now.. it is they who will get the pleasure... The guy did the talking when her mouth was stuffed with cock.. telling me how good she was.. how talented her lips and fingers are... boy did I remember that... sighs... soon word got out to the other people at the swing party and there were more people entering the room.. or hanging out by the door.. just stroking their dick and watching the action... telling me how how she is.. and what a good sub I was for brining her to the party...

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Friday, November 19th, 2010
2:28 pm
More fun with Betty
That kept me (us) satisfied for a while… but then several weeks down the road I started in on her again… she felt partially guilty since she had enjoyed it so much! And I think it was the combination of her enjoyment that made me able to talk her into it again so easily. I think she wanted to as much as I did! She was getting off on my watching! She told me that the thought of my watching seem to double her excitement! She admitted that she hadn't "ever" felt that excited. Knowing that I was but mere feet away both excited her and gave her a feeling of security in that I wasn't too far away if things got out of hand! She could relax and let things go further… and know that she could always stop them… and if she couldn't, then I was right there!

She had many, many trysts there while I watched from the closet. In fact we decided to arrange the furniture so that I had several vantage points to watch from. We even took our video camera and set it up so that we could record it and play it back! She would get excited watching herself as we played the tapes back on the TV!

Betty looking lovely

She got bolder and bolder as our voyeuristic game continued and at times would go in her mini skirt without any bra or panties on! You couldn't see her pussy lips swell with excitement, but you could sure see her nipples as they clearly poked up little mounds on her blouse! She said it really got the guys excited when they found out she wasn't wearing any panties!

One time she returned home with two guys! I don't know what she was thinking of… but when she got home her hair was a mess, she was clearly inebriated. It looked like she had already been making out with one of the guys. She tried to explain to them that her roommate would surely be home soon and that it wouldn't look good if both of them were there! The three of them went into the kitchen and I could hear the tinkling of ice cubes…and the various sounds of drinks being mixed.

Even though she resisted, Zack pulled her down to the couch and started kissing her. Her hands were initially on his shoulders trying to push him away but as he persisted she seemed to submit to his demands and let him have his way. His hands were under her blouse almost immediately and she even seemed to encourage it a little in the way she moved. She relaxed and laid back on the couch, Zack kissed her and scooted her down a little as he did. As she scooted down her mini skirt rode up her thigh and from my vantage point I could see right up between her legs.

Love to slide under and enjoy face sitting.

Zack had busy hands and they were everywhere! The other guy had gone into the kitchen and was raiding the icebox… Betty relaxed a little since the other guy was in the kitchen, they were alone in the living room but was adamant about her privacy with the other guy there…. Zack took her by the hand and said it that case, we'll go to the bedroom! And simply led her to the bedroom. She stumbled along behind him as he led her to the bed and in the privacy of her bedroom she felt a little more relaxed and so decided she could "play" a little. But Zack wasn't in the mood to be put off and his cock was out of his pants and sticking straight out from him. Zack was well endowed in that he had about 8" which looked like a giant compared to my 5 1/2" and his girth was almost twice as thick as mine! When she saw his rod she was clearly in awe, and stopped and stared momentarily. Zack pushed her back onto the bed and rolled over on top of her.

As they kissed, Alex slid his hands down her back and started massaging her ass. Then he turned her body so that her back was to the camera. As he rubbed her ass, he pulled her skirt higher up her body and her ass cheeks appeared. She wasn't wearing any underwear. Zack leaned over and, still kissing my gf, began kneading her breasts through the sheer fabric of her blouse. They continued like this for several moments before she turned around and sat back down next to Zack. Her skirt was hiked up pretty far and you could see her pussy pretty clearly.

Great muscle control

Zack began unbuttoning Betty’s blouse. When it hung open, he bent over to kiss my gf’s breasts. He sucked one first and then the other. She sighed with pleasure as he fondled and kissed her breasts. She let her blouse fall to the bed behind her as Zack continued working on her tits.

I heard a low moan escape her lips as her resistance weakened but she said NO, again! I heard him mumble and ask to just make out for a little while….. This was her weak point as she was pretty hot anyway and coupled with the alcohol, thought…. Oh, what the heck, that's what I / we want anyway… and started to make out with him. He unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on her blouse and her breasts sprung free. Her hands were working on his cock pumping up and down trying to bring him off. His hands were on her pussy and his fingers were working on her clit! She was beginning to squirm and I could see her wetness spreading down her legs. My hands were pumping up and down on my cock as fast as they could. My cock was so hard it seemed like it was liable to bust. My gf was lying on a bed not 10 feet away practically naked with a man who by this time had his pants down around his knees and a huge cock poised to enter her and to finish what they had started! She was stroking his cock with her hand and at the same time pushing it away from her vagina so that he couldn't reach his goal.

He was maneuvering his body on top of hers trying desperately to sink his huge thick cock deeply into her cunt! She was squirming trying to keep her legs together but failing miserable…. And saving the moment only by holding his cock away from her pussy… every now and then he would maneuver so that his cock head would brush against her pussy and he would thrust suddenly giving him a few brief moments of success. His cock head would pop momentarily into her cunt and she would jerk suddenly away saving the moment but at one point he had maneuvered so that one of her legs was over his shoulder with her shoulders pinned down…. His huge cock poised for the finale plunge into her soaking wet pussy! She was struggling but losing badly! Having pinned her so well she was almost helpless to prevent him from impaling her. She still had ahold of his cock and was managing to keep it out of her pussy… His hand covered her hand on top of his cock as he "helped" her guide his cock head. It hadn't pressed against her opening but very gently to gain entrance, as she was wetter than she had ever been before! He played with his cock just barely in the entrance for a while before starting to stroke it fully inside her. She wailed a little protest as he put the head in.. and In 3 strokes he had completely engulfed his cock to the hilt!
Her expression went from a defiance, to…… surprise?, to submission in just a matter of a few seconds. As he stroked it fully in for the first time… she cried out, Ohhhh! On the second full stroke I heard her expel a lot of air in a huge sigh…. And on the 3rd stroke she was completely defeated and as he continued to stroke, her legs seemed to automatically fold around his waist as she began to undulate her hips in unison with him. …

I shot all over the closet door in front of me! God! I've never felt a climax as strong as that one! My cock must have pulsated a dozen times each time shooting a thick wad of cum. Watching my gf getting fucked (seduced) by another man and then her giving in to the pure pleasure of it all was almost more than I could take. My legs were shaking and I sunk down to my knees being careful not to make any noise.

I continued to watch as he slowly pumped his huge cock in and out of Betty and listening to her sounds of submission and enjoyment. Her pussy lips were swollen and stretched tightly around it's girth. ….. She was drunk enough to just go with the moment, say the hell with it and just do it! His tempo picked up and he was almost violent in his sexual manner slapping their bodies together so hard that they made a very loud slapping noise. As the tempo picked up I heard her approaching her orgasm ……… Then I heard her orgasmic scream as she climaxed for the first of several times!

While watching her reach her climax my cock seemed to renew it's libido and start to get hard again. Stroking it again I watched her reach several climaxes, right in a row! His body straightened, driving his penis deep inside her. When I say deep, I mean deep. She had never been penetrated that deeply and she braced herself as he lunged in and out reaching spots that I hadn't even dreamed about.

I heard her cry out again…. His muscles tensed and he cried out and with her legs over his shoulders he pulled out and pumped his cum all over her belly and breasts. Seeing that, I orgasmed for the second time. I hadn't climaxed so much in years, but the excitement of seeing my beautiful gf get fucked by someone else was just too much.

She reached down and played with his cock while she rubbed against him and kissed him. They flopped back down on the bed and he began to finger her pussy while she stroked his shaft. I heard her say that she wanted to screw again. He rolled on top of her and slid his cock back in. They were enjoying a leisurely sexual thrash when the other guy walked in and announced…. "I'm next"! Zack wasn't phased, in fact it seemed to spur him on…. Betty was aghast! And she said…. "I'm not screwing both you guys! Get outa here!"

He paid her no mind and stepped out of his pants as he was getting undressed. Betty was pinned beneath Zack and really couldn't do much about it when the other guy laid down next to her….. She felt totally exposed as she was lying there completely naked and with this other guys cock in her… He took her head in his hands and kissed her solidly on her lips, his tongue wiggling it's way deep into her mouth. She squirmed some more and tried to scream but it only came out as a muffled squeal and as she was buffeted between the two bodies she resisted initially but again gave into her primal instincts and submitted to the onset of several male bodies squirming and pushing up against her… it wasn't but a few moments before the pulsating muscles in her cunt started clenching as she climaxed again!

Zack then moved around to her head and held it as he pushed his prick into her mouth. I had another erection by now, and pulled my prick back out of my trousers. I stroked slowly as I watched the two men take it in turns to fuck her cunt and her mouth. She had completely given in to their desires and had become their little "fuck toy". They swapped her around between the two of them, until one of them shot into her mouth and face. He rolled off, and the other man took his place. She wrapped her mouth around his cock, sucking off what remained of the cum and her juices. The second man now shot a load all over her.

Zack and the other man quickly got dressed and left….. Betty was lying there. I came out of my hiding place laid down beside her and put her hand on my raging hard on…. Realizing then that I had only been excited by what I saw, she and I kissed full on the lips. My tongue snaked into her mouth and intertwined with hers. I could still taste the man that had left…. His cum was quite strong….. but I somehow thought it as quite sexy. I mounted her with gusto and as I plunged my cock into her cunt I suddenly realized that she had been stretched so much that she could hardly feel me inside of her.
That was the taking of her "real" sexual virginity. In the weeks and months following we had expanded "our" lovemaking to include many, many men…. And her enjoyment of each time increased exponentially as she realized that the more "she" enjoyed it… the more "I" would enjoy it!

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Saturday, November 6th, 2010
8:21 pm
Thursday, November 4th, 2010
4:29 pm
How I became a cuckold, sub, slave
 A lot of people have asked me how I got started in the lifestyle…. Here is the beginning.
I was going crazy thinking about my GF, Betty, making love to another man…. I knew that I really wanted the voyeuristic excitement and enjoyed the thoughts of her getting carried away with another man... I wanted desperately to watch a well hung Stud lay some heavy pipe and overwhelm my GF with multiple orgasms. She was very capable of multiple orgasms and enjoyed sex with “little me” very, very much!

I really want her to make it with another Man, to be attracted to Him, drawn to Him, overwhelmed with sexual desire and drive but I don’t want to have the competition either! I want to be in her life but want to see her sexually manipulated by one or even more than one Man.... I wasn’t sure how to make it happen... I know that if I just brought it up and asked her to do it she would turn me down flat and think me weird.... so I started to introduce a little make believe in our love making..... I suggested little by little about how exciting it would be to watch Her with another Man.... I talked her into it! Not all at once of course… but after a while of fantasizing and talking to her about it, I got her to think about “just” making out with another Guy, as I watched, and then after he left we'd make love!

It all started innocently enough, I have always been somewhat of a voyeur and my GF is definitely attractive! I would love to see her make love to someone else… Well, maybe not make love to someone else, but to get fucked by someone else! But then there was always this danger sign that suddenly appeared! I wasn't sure what "HER" reaction would be! I wasn't sure whether She would prefer Him over me! I wasn't sure that She would have any use for me after I pushed her into that! I wasn't sure that she would consider me an acceptable partner after that! I wasn't sure that she would be totally turned off and not only lose her attraction to me, but be repulsed!

I told her one night that I wanted to see her get picked up, come back to our apartment and make out with some guy and maybe go all the way. She was very reluctant to get involved… but I pressed on and she relented. We lived in Santa Clara, so I drove her down El Camino Real…. About a mile and a half and told her to walk home in the dark…. I was expecting someone to stop and offer her a ride… but no one did! When she got back home she acted a little bit relieved that she had been able to get there without being picked up. We talked about it when we made love later on… and she was excited beyond excitement! She was not only wetter than she had ever been before, but she was more enthusiastic than ever before in that she was more talkative and more imaginative!
Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
3:18 pm
Cross-posting from my journal...
Well, boys, I'm back on the horse, so to speak. I hope you haven't all left me for more fertile fields! I was really nervous starting back up again. I mean, I’ve lost the baby weight (although I’m still fat, I’m only just as fat as I was before the kiddo), but I’m flabbier than I was. And stretch markier. And a little more self-conscious, obviously. Besides, I had to learn how to manage a little person, and so did Rob, since he’d be babysitting.

BUT. Now the little dude is 9 months old, and sleeps through the night pretty well every single night, so I am free to have some fun again without feeling like a bad mom.

For my first trip back, I decided to go all the way and meet up with T (an old friend I used to work with – kind of funny, actually, as he wasn’t in the Life back then) and J, his buddy. J is hot, exactly the type of guy I am attracted to. Sort of shy, but very sexy. T I have a bit more trouble with because he is a Real Life guy. I really have a very strong dividing line between Real Life and fun life, you know? But I figured here was my chance to have two guys at the same time again!

I drove up to their house at around midnight last Wednesday. As requested, I wore jeans and a low-cut top with no bra. J likes to see my big boobs jiggle, I guess. T’s wife was at work, his kids asleep. He showed me into J’s room so I could get to know him a bit first before T joined us. J was laying on his bed, and gave me a hug. Everyone seemed a bit nervous, even me. Finally he kissed me, and his hands found their way to my breasts. Now I was remembering what I was missing! My panties were already wet with anticipation. I wanted this really badly. My hands stroked J’s chest, his thighs, the crease of his cargo shorts. I felt the bulge in his pants and he moaned. I pushed him backwards, and pulled off his shorts. His cock sprung out, glad to be free. He was long and slender, my favourite kind.

I gently wrapped my mouth around the tip of his shaft, and tasted the pre-cum there. Just the taste of it made me shiver with anticipation – why did I wait so long?? I slowly ate more and more of his cock, cradling his balls in my hand, while he groaned with pleasure. At that point I felt hands behind me, pulling my jeans over my hips. I shifted my balance and felt Terry stroking my pussy, pushing his fingers deep inside. I groaned and sucked harder on J’s cock, loving every minute of the attention.

T stood up, and suggested we go to his room, where there was more room to play. I released J’s cock, but he wasn’t ready yet. T stood back while J laid me back on his small bed and deftly slid that hard shaft into my pussy. I almost yelped with pleasure – he was gentle and slow but the way he moved put me already on the edge of cumming. Only a few men have been able to do that – that slow steady glide that makes me beg them to pound it in and finish the job. Too soon, J stopped, and we all stood up to go to T’s room.

When we got there we all laid on the bed, J on my right, T on my left. I played with their cocks while they stroked my breasts. J then slid to the bottom of the bed and put his mouth on my pussy. Now you all know how I feel about oral on me. Most of the time it’s a waste of time (not really, but you know). I like it, but kinda like I like kissing. It’s alright, let’s get to the fucking. Ha. There have been a cherished few who really know what they’re doing on me. J is one of them. His tongue, fingers, and teeth licked, nibbled, and thrust their way right to my core and fairly soon he had me writhing with pleasure and begging them to put their cocks in me. I didn’t care who, I just wanted it. They wouldn’t though – J was determined to finish the job. I stroked T’s cock while he played with my tits, and J kept flicking my clit with his tongue while ramming me with his fingers, stroking my G-spot. Finally the waves I was riding got a lot bigger, and I was cumming, hard, arching my back, biting back a scream. He kept his grip and didn’t release me while my orgasm went on and on. Finally I came down, with a smile on my face. I have to say, even though I don’t like it much most of the time, when I do cum by oral it is the best fucking orgasm out there. J is now in a class with the kid and the black dude. God.

Now I was fully satisfied and had two hard boys waiting their turn. I turned my attention to T’s cock, a large thick member. Rob would be pleased if I fucked him, for sure. He asked me to suck him, to prove my boasts of giving the best blow job ever. Unfortunately, I kind of feel bad as I don’t think I gave him my best. I was distracted by J standing beside us, and while I sucked T’s shaft I played with J’s balls. But T didn’t seem to mind my distraction as he was getting really hard. Finally he asked me if I wanted to fuck, and holy crap did I ever. Oral orgasm or no, a fucking hard shaft in my pussy is what I really really wanted. I climbed up and mounted him like a cowgirl, thrusting his whole thick cock deep inside in one go. I kept fondling J’s cock beside us while I rode up and down T’s cock.

“I’m going to come, oh…do you want me to come inside you?” T moaned, and in answer I thrust my hips harder, grinding my pelvis against his. I felt his hot cum as he groaned in pleasure, pushing his cock deep inside me. Out of the corner of my eye I could see J gripping his own pulsating cock and knew that he was ready too. T slipped out of me, and I lay beside him, back in the middle of the bed, as J lay down behind me.

I felt T’s cum dripping from my swollen pussy as J pushed the head of his long shaft between my soft ass cheeks and slipped easily into my hot cunt. I felt his body tense as he thrust, and I pushed my ass back against his belly. Again he had that slow glide that I fucking cannot get enough of. I think it’s because of his long and lean dick. Rob can do it as well, and a few other dudes do it naturally – the paramedic was one of the best.

J was gritting his teeth, and I was just plain enjoying the sensation. He pulled out to ease up a bit (J is not fixed, and unfortunately was not allowed to cum inside me) and I chuckled. I love that feeling –when a guy is so close and throbbing and his balls tighten up in anticipation of shooting that lovely load. His whole body is tense and you can tell he just wants to fucking thrust his hips and plow that cock deep inside you while his balls contract and he blows a stream of hot cum deep into your pussy. But he knows he can’t so he trembles and pulls out, gritting his teeth. How much fun is that? We played like that for a bit, teasing, thrusting, pulling out to groan in sweet agony. The whole time I was facing T and playing with his happy dick. Finally J slipped all the way out, pressing his wet cock (wet with my juices, T’s cum, and his own pre-cum) against the small of my back, and growling into the back of my neck “I am going to come soon if we keep this up. “ I chuckled again, and he stood up on his knees while I turned towards him and willingly sucked his cock deep into my mouth. It was really only a few moments, a few thrusts, and I felt his balls tighten in my hands. He gritted his teeth, moaning and thrusting as his cock exploded into my throat. I sucked up every last drop as he bent over, putting his hands on the bed, unable to balance as he came so hard.

We all collapsed back onto the bed, completely satisfied. What a night!

As usual, I texted Rob as soon as I got in the car to go home, to let him know I was on my way. I could tell he was excited. I mean, my 13-month hiatus affected him as well, since he loves this so much. All the way home he asked me questions. He was disappointed that we didn’t take pictures (I was going to but we got caught up in the fun and forgot). He asked me if I got there, where each of them came, what we did. I knew what was in store when I got home, and sure enough he was tucked into bed, the lights out.

I quickly stripped and crawled in beside him. I reached out and felt his cock, already hard. Quietly we whispered back and forth about the fun I’d had while I stroked him and he got harder and harder. He loved the idea of me being subject to 2 men, and as always, he wanted more. We talked about scheduling a gang bang, or a bukkake party, and I felt him begin to thrum with anticipation. We talked about previous encounters and he mentioned how much he loved to fuck me with another man’s cum in me. I laughed and said he could do that now.

I straddled him as I had done T earlier in the evening, and he slipped in easily, feeling the cum of another man oozing out of his wife’s hot pussy. Gasping, he only lasted a few moments before cumming hard enough for me to feel it.

I love my life.
Saturday, June 26th, 2010
11:37 am
Married White Slut Desperate for Black Cock

Maria took a deep breath and felt the weight of his hand on her shoulder.  She was electrified by his touch and the strength with which he seemed to know exactly what to do.  "Are you sure you want this because it might be a little more than you can handle?"  With that, Edward took Maria’s hand and put it on his growing erection.  Maria’s eyes widened, thinking of what it would be like to have it inside her and reflected momentarily if she would become a “slut for black cock” like she had seen so many white women profess themselves to be on the internet.   She responded by moving her hand to his belt and unbuckling it.  There was no turning back.  “Do me,” was all she could say.

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